Can i bring my dog?

No dogs are allowed.  Please leave your dogs at home as it is too hot to leave them in the car and we can't make any exceptions. 

What should I bring?

Our weather can vary greatly this time of year.  It is a good idea to have a hat, sunblock and a sweater.  We also recommend closed toe shoes for safety.  The ground is uneven and while we try to keep everything cut down during the season, there is still a lot of sharp, poky material on the ground.

Do you take credit cards?

Not at this time.  This may change in the future but right now, we are cash only.

How do I store my cherries?

Refrigerate your fresh cherries right away.  If you have a long drive, you may want to bring an ice chest to keep them cool until you get home.  Do not store in the sun or warm areas as they will go limp quickly in the heat.

When is Cherry Season?

Cherry season typically runs late May till early June.  However,  warm winters can cause our season start a few weeks early.

Do i need a ladder or containers?

Nope. We don't allow ladders for insurance reasons.  There is plenty of fruit within reach.  We ask that you don't climb the trees to get to any fruit.  We don't want you to get hurt!  When you're done, we'll package your cherries up for you in paper bags.

Can you ACCOMMODATE bus tours?

Unfortunately, no.  We live on a narrow dirt road and there is no where for buses to park or turn around.

Is there an entrance fee?

We do not have an entrance fee but we do have a minimum purchase of $7 per person for ages 4 and up.

Can I bring a picnic?

Yes!  We have a picnic area in the front of our orchard where you are welcome to relax and enjoy your lunch.  We have a couple benches, a picnic table, and some hay stack seating; or you can spread out a blanket on the ground.  We don't allow any food or bags in the orchard while you're picking though so these items will need to wait in the car until you are done.

How do I pick cherries?

You may bring a blunt scissors if you would like stems on your cherries otherwise just pull the cherry off leaving the stem behind.  This helps prevent damage to the spurs which is where next years crop comes from and no leaf picking please.

 ​​​Cherry Hill Farm