• Masks will be required at entrance, checkout, exit, and restrooms.

  • Eating cherries will not be tolerated. eating from the trees is a huge public safety issue. You will be escorted out IMMEDIATELY if we see you eating the fruit.  

  • Children must remain with parents at all times.

  • no buckets this year.  We will give you a plastic bag to pick into.  bags will not be given to children.  1 bag per family.  If you fill it we will give you another one.  

  • follow social distancing protocol by remaining 6 feet from all other customers. on busy days, we will have to limit the number of people in the orchard at a time so you may experience a wait. Please remain with your group when you enter. 

  • Do not bring your own containers to pick in.  We will give you a bag.  No outside bags or containers will be allowed.

  • There is no PICNICKING this year.  Our picnic area will remain closed for the season.

  • no large bags, purses, diaper bags, insulated bags, etc allowed in.  Please leave all of these items in your car when you come in to pick.

covid 19 guidelines

 ​​​Cherry Hill Farm